About Us

Welcome to our Glamorous small business!

Glamorous By B was born from our the desire to empower women by making them feel more attractive and raising their self-esteem through accessories and other items. Initially, Glamorous By B was many ideas and desires, and after a while it took shape, defining its mission and its goal. Every woman deserves to be beautiful, feel beautiful and be Glamorous. The mastermind behind this small business is Brigitte Ruiz who started with an idea of an online business using her personal brand. After frustrations, several attempts and many hours of study, Brigitte decided to leave her comfort zone and embark on this adventure called Glamorous By B.

After noticing Brigitte's great desire to take on this project, her husband Mario Santiago, decided to step in and become her right hand, as she likes to call him, in developing and maintaining this great small business.

This great small business is located in the mountains of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico that comes to you through the web and to your front door was created from reinvention, a desire to grow and improve, and most importantly, with the hope and desire that every woman that wears a Glamorous by B garment feels empowered and with a high self esteem.

Glamorous by B signifies change, beauty, fashion, and Glamour, but it is so much more.  It is inspired by difficult moments faced by every woman, in her struggles and battles..in her resilience and her unique power.  Glamorous by B is inspired by empowering women and inspiring them to show their strength and greatness in their own, unique way.